Lone Star Aussie Rescue



Lone Star Aussie Rescue (LSAR) is an

animal rescue organization founded in 2017

with the goal of assisting Australian Shepherd

dogs in need. 


Our home state of Texas–as well as neighboring

states–has a large population of Aussies in need.

Since Aussies are working dogs and a herding breed,

they are quite common in our particular region. Coupled with low spay/neuter rates, stray concerns and the spread of heartworm, many Aussies find themselves displaced and in need of rescue, rehoming and, in many cases, veterinary care.


Aussies are brought into our rescue from local animal shelters, humane organizations, found as strays, or by owners who are no longer willing or able to properly care for their Aussie.


With these pups and various situations in mind, we created LSAR and are dedicated to helping as many Aussies as possible. Our rescue team is made up of Aussie owners, experienced fosters, and dog lovers ready to do their part to help displaced Aussies find health and forever homes! See all our "Tails" of Success so far!


By working together...


  • We can save animals from unfavorable domestic situations and unhealthy environments.

  • We can rescue dogs from high kill shelters and unnecessary euthanasia.

  • We can help dogs get the veterinary care they need for better quality of life, as well as spay and neuter procedures.

  • We can offer a dog in need a safe place to lay their head and get the wag back in their tail or nub.

  • We can help dogs find their true forever person or family. 

  • And, we can educate and spread awareness of animal issues, like abuse, hoarding, and overpopulation that plague our four-legged pals.  


We can make a difference!

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